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A Callous Spirit

Posted by admin September - 3 - 2013 - Tuesday

Even Jesus’ disciples had a problem with their attitude! and… Jesus called them out on it six different times in the Gospel of Luke. The first negative attitude that He addressed was that of a callous spirit.

Instead of believing that Jesus could feed the crowd of 5000 with five loaves and two fish, the disciples encouraged Jesus just to “send them away.” One of the dangers of experiencing a lot of success is that you can end up loving crowds but not really caring for individuals. As a minister, for example, you want contributors but you do not want to spend time meeting individual people’s needs!

(True story!) Years ago a man decided to visit the churches of two well-known television ministers he liked. After hearing the first, he asked if he could say hello to him. But the minister’s “handlers” said no— suggesting that the man call for an appointment. Disappointed, he went to hear the other minister the next week and was invited to eat lunch with the minister after the service. Feeling valued, he handed the minister a check for— four million dollars! You must always be approachable, available and affirming. You must keep the personal touch. Only as you stay in touch with people’s needs, can God use you to meet those needs in real time. I’ve said it many times: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!”

So, do you care???

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