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A Week At the Beach

Posted by admin July - 7 - 2015 - Tuesday

We just got back from our annual family vacation to NC’s Outer Banks. It was a bit more exhausting than years past because we were on “shark alert” every time we went up to the beach. Our 9 year old granddaughter showed no fear of going in the water. We had to constantly monitor her (keeping her in ankle-deep water) while my wife and I watched the water for signs of “fins” in the water! I, myself, did not go in. I haven’t been in the ocean since the summer of 1975 when I saw Jaws for the first time!!! We did see dolphins one day which caused a momentary panic till everyone on shore realized it was dolphin fins and not a shark’s!

For my coaching friends, this is about reminding you that it is important to “get away” from coaching from time to time and spend quality time with your family. There’s no better time than now! A week away or a long week-end with your family can refresh you and promotes good will with your wife and kids. Don’t become sooooooo consumed with football that you forego the most important relationships in your life.

The same is true in-season. A wise coach once told me, “Even God took a day of rest after creating the world. YOU need to take a day off too.” With that, I canceled Saturday morning workouts and staff meetings. I spent time on Saturday with my family and watched college football with my son. There was still time during the day to look at some game film; but, my focus was on my loved ones. We’d get up on Sunday and go to church together. Once we got home, my focus went back to football. My family had gotten some quality time from me and I found I was even more fired up to get back to game/practice preparation after “getting away” for a while.

Try it… you’ll like it! and… so will your family!!!

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