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Admit It— “I’m wrong!”

Posted by admin September - 1 - 2015 - Tuesday

I find it interesting that many of the people in the Bible were real screwups— kinda like me! King David is a prime example. It says in the Book of Acts that God called David “a man after His own heart.” David was a murderer, adulterer and renegade. But, God still loved him verrrrry much!

One of the qualities that made David such a great man, and loved by God, was his willingness to “admit it” when he was wrong. He was not ashamed nor embarrassed to admit his mistakes. The prophet Nathan “called out” David about his affair with Bathsheba and the ensuing cover up. David was so humbled by it that his response was, “I have sinned against the Lord.” (2 Sam. 12:13)

What would’ve been your reaction? I wonder if I would’ve had the spiritual and emotional maturity to confess this to God?! Do we have a tendency to defend our actions for fear of being rejected or judged? Have you ever felt “attacked” when someone (even someone you know who loves you!) gives you feedback of a “negative” nature? How do you respond??!!!

I love what Pastor Bob Gass says: “Don’t let pride rob you of the wisdom that comes from acknowledging your mistakes and ultimately growing from them.” A lot of wisdom there!!!

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