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“…and on the 7th day, He rested.”

Posted by admin June - 29 - 2010 - Tuesday

I’m on vacation this week on the Outer Banks of NC—- one of God’s most beautiful places He ever created!
I did bring my laptop with me just to stay in touch with the world, though.

I received an email from a coaching colleague who told me about a poster he saw in Dick’s Sporting Goods store yesterday. He was pretty sure that it was my Western Branch Bruins captured in action on the poster. It has printed across the top: “In the Zone 2010.” If you see it in a Dick’s in your area, will you let me know, please. I have no idea how Dick’s got the photo. But, you get to see (a little anyway!) of our Wing T in action. Big number 75 you see blocking is Brandon Carr. He is on scholarship at Old Dominion… great kid!

What I want to comment about is the response that I received from this coach when I asked him if he was going to take a little time off this summer before the pre-season practice ritual begins. His response troubled me. He related how much (football) work he had to do before practice began. He mentioned that he might have a little time available in a couple of weeks. NOT good!

Guys… I reminded him that even God took the 7th day of creation off for rest! You guys need to do that too! Recharge your battery; devote some time to your family…. get away from it for a week. You’ll find yourself better able to take on the rigors of the season.

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