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Be A Motivator

Posted by admin July - 8 - 2014 - Tuesday

The boy was born with physical challenges so severe that doctors had to remove his eyes. At 6 months a nurse named May Lemke adopted him and brought him home to her family of 5 children. When the boy was 13 May bought a used piano and played some simple songs, hoping he’d respond. No expression… nothing.

She continued trying to motivate her adopted son to engage in life. Then when he was 16 he sat down at the old piano, and without ever having touched a key prior to this, played a Tchaikovsky piano concerto! It was flawless. May soon discovered that the boy could play anything he heard. Then out of the blue, one day he started singing too. That eventually led to concerts all over the country. All of this came about because a mother facing incredible odds became a tireless motivator!

If you saw the movie Seabiscuit, you may remember the old trainer who specialized in rehabbing injured and abused horses. He was asked why he kept a lame, aging horse. His reply was classic! “You don’t throw away a whole life just because he’s banged up a little.” Consequently, Seabiscuit went on to win many races. Thank God for motivators who make a difference between a trip to the glue factory and the winner’s circle!

The Bible says, “Encourage (motivate) each other!” Somebody once said, “Dreams always come a size too big… so we can grow into them.” Motivators help you to dream BIG, then let you grow in order to fulfill your dream. People, like race horses, can run a looooong way on just a little encouragement. So, become a motivator!

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