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“Bounce-back Week”

Posted by admin September - 25 - 2019 - Wednesday

Wellllllllllll…. my motivational tool that I wrote about last week didn’t pan out so well. We had 2 fumbles inside our opponent’s 15 yard line! Both times we were easily driving down the field against a good team. We go for 2 points about 90% of the time and make most of them. So we left 16 points “on the field.” Final score: 40-20. With those 16 additional points, it would’ve been interesting.

I don’t know where I heard it but it really resonated with me this week as we began practice Monday. I asked the HC for a minute to speak to the team before practice. This is what I said:

Don’t let IR beat you twice!” Don’t let IR beat you twice!! Stop feeling sorry for yourself; quit pouting… and get back to the business of focusing on THIS week’s game. We need to be properly prepared both physically and mentally. Don’t let IR beat you twice!”

It helped. We had a decent practice for a Monday but yesterday, Tuesday, was as good as we’ve had all year. The coaches were coaching and the kids responded.

Don’t let your last defeat keep you from “moving on” and focusing on THIS week’s game. Don’t let that team that you lost to last week beat you again!

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