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Christmas is About— Christ!

Posted by admin December - 24 - 2011 - Saturday

Lest we forget, JESUS is the Reason For the Season!

He was born in the humblest of settings, yet heaven was filled with the songs of angels. His birthplace was a cattle shed, yet a star brought the rich and noble from thousands of miles away to worship Him. His virgin birth was contrary to the laws of life and His death was contrary to the laws of death. Yet no miracle is greater than His birth, His life, His death and His resurrection.

During His 3 years of ministry He wrote no books, He had no headquarters nor built an organization. But 2000 years later He’s still the central figure of human history, the perpetual theme of all preaching, the pivot point around which the ages revolve, and the only Redeemer of the human race!

At this season of celebration and gift-giving, let’s join the wise men who “fell down and worshipped Him.” Let’s remember, Christmas is about— Christ!

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