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Posted by admin July - 8 - 2016 - Friday

My heart is heavy today as I hear the tv news channel in the next room going on and on about all of the violence and hate exhibited in our country over the last few days. It’s disturbing; it’s shocking; it’s depressing… it’s disgusting!!! There are agents of evil at work in our culture who want nothing more than to see as much turmoil as possible. They revel in the hate and misery that is so apparent lately. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I need to stand up and declare that God is still in control and we need to turn to Him if we ever want to solve these problems. Diversity training and other such classes do NOT change a person’s heart. Only Jesus can do that!

As coaches and leaders of our next generation, it becomes even more important that we set an example for our young people. There are values that this country is built upon that we as individuals must present to those we have influence over. I always felt strongly while I was actively coaching that I had a responsibility to be a positive role model and to be an ambassador for Christ to the young people I worked with. If you are a Christian, I want to encourage you to recognize that Jesus is counting on you!!! He’s counting on you to show the young people whom you work with that there is a way of love… not hate. That there is a way of mercy and forgiveness and not anger and aggression. I truly believe that you will experience a new level of fulfillment when you begin to see that what you do (coaching) is an important part of God’s will for your life. We frequently talk about God’s will as some sort of “mystery” that God somehow keeps hidden from us. NO! It’s exactly the opposite. My point is: why would He want to keep it a big secret??!! He’s showing us through His Word and through circumstances HOW He wants us to live our lives! We just need to “open the eyes of our hearts” to see (and hear) His calling on our life.

When you’re coaching, do it with a thankful heart, as though the Lord is your boss— because He is! When you work with that attitude, you will come alive. When each of us is doing what God has called us to do, the world around us is a better place. All skill is God-given. By living in conscious interaction with Holy Spirit, we can further develop those skills He’s given us. That’s when we start changing the world for better… one heart and mind at a time.

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