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Coping… but, Praising

Posted by admin September - 9 - 2015 - Wednesday

We were awakened this morning at 3:30 am (never good!) to a phone call from our nephew. My wife’s younger brother had unexpectedly died during the night. He wanted us to know. Her brother had his struggles with alcohol but had overcome them this year and seemed to be as happy as he’d been in a long time. To put it succinctly: he was a good guy! I will miss him.

Amidst the sorrow of his death, we give thanks for the grace that God provides every moment. I was reading last night from a book that I’ve come to cherish as one of my all-time favorites. It’s by Pastor Chuck Smith and its title is: Why Grace Changes Everything.

One statement that realllllllly spoke to me last night (and you need to realize that I’ve RE-read this book 5 or 6 times! and… I’m still soaking up the information presented!) was this: “One of the greatest barriers to growth in the Christian life is the notion that we can live a life that pleases God by our own efforts.” And, “Amazingly, crying out to God in weakness is the secret to our deliverance.” WOW!!!

So, my wife and I are “crying out to God” in this time of sadness and praising Him for His goodness and lovingkindness. I love the latest worship song by For King And Country: “Shoulders.” The chorus goes something like this: “My help comes from You; You’re right here leading me through. You carry my weakness, my sadness, my brokenness all on Your shoulders, your shoulders.”

THAT’S what we’re doing today. If you are faced with similar circumstances… lean on God. Praise Him in this storm. He’s right there with you!

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