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Posted by admin March - 1 - 2016 - Tuesday

In my youth (and I’m in my mid 60’s now!), the westerns ruled both tv and movies. Guys like John Wayne and Gary Cooper… James Arness and Clint Walker were our boyhood idols. They epitomized the stereotype of the “strong, silent” leading man. Unfortunately, this carries over too often in the home… especially of coaches. I’m quoting a portion of a daily devotion from Bob Gass ministries. It goes like this:

“In their book, The Language of Love, authors Gary Smalley and John Trent tell of a woman who was feeling frustrated because her husband would come home from work each night and not talk to her. Finally, she told him a story about a man who went to breakfast with some friends. He ate a big meal, then gathered up the crumbs, and put them in a bag. Later that day he went to lunch with some business associates and ate another big meal. Again, he put a few crumbs in the bag. When he came home that night, he handed his wife the bag of leftovers. Then the woman told her husband, ‘That’s what you are doing to me. All day the children and I want to talk with you when you get home. But you don’t share yourself with us. After being gone all day, you hand us a doggie bag and turn on the television set.'”

Does this strike a cord with YOU?? As husbands, it’s our responsibility to make some time for our wives to share their day with us and… just listen! If you’re the “strong, silent type” this is even harder. You’re going to have to work on opening up with your wife. Help clean up from dinner and TALK to/with your wife. Give the kids a bath and TALK to/with them. Tuck your kids into bed and read them a Bible story (and pray with them!) before they go to sleep. Sit on the sofa and talk with your wife after the kids are in bed. There are things (work-related) that you probably have to complete at night but… make sure you have your priorities in the right place. Family always comes before work.

It’s like I heard recently… there aren’t too many guys who admit on their death beds that… “I wish I’d spent more time at the office!” Think about it. And, don’t just think about it— DO something about it!

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