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Don’t Miss the Boat!

Posted by admin March - 8 - 2010 - Monday

Guys: There are “destiny moments” when you have to make life-changing choices.

In the New Testament, it tells a story about one day when Jesus invited 2 people to join His team, but they both had their reasons for putting it off! One had a funeral to attend, another wanted to go home to explain his decision to his family. That’s the last we hear of them. The Gospel of Matthew records: “Then Jesus got into the boat and his disciples followed Him.” And the other 2 missed the boat!

You’ll never be successful if you’re forever putting things off. If you take too long to make up your mind about an opportunity, you’ll miss out on seizing it.

One of the best illustrations I’ve ever heard of this is the story about the patent of the telephone. In the 1870’s 2 men worked extensively on modifying and improving the telegraph system… which was the current technology. Both men had ideas for transmitting sound by wire, and both explored the transmission of the human voice electronically. What’s remarkable is that both men— Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray— filed their idea at the patent office on the same day, Feb. 14, 1876. Bell was the 5th person who filed a patent that day. Gray, on the other hand, got busy with other things so he sent his attorney. Unfortunately, the attorney arrived more than an hour after Bell, to apply for a caveat (a kind of declaration of intention to file a patent.) Those minutes cost Gray a fortune. Bell’s claim was upheld in court, even though Gray complained that he had come up with the idea first.

So…. it’s not enough to see your God-given opportunities, you have to seize them. In other words— don’t miss the boat!

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