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Posted by admin September - 22 - 2015 - Tuesday

I’m borrowing this title and subject from our pastor, Michael Brueseke, who talked about this last weekend! Reallllllllly good job!!! His full title was “Overcoming FOMO in a YOLO World.” I know… what do FOMO and YOLO stand for??!!

FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out
YOLO = You Only Live Once

What Michael is saying is… we get so wrapped up in wanting to experience everything life has to offer but… our fears tend to keep us from experiencing the best that GOD has to offer! When we focus on Jesus (and the life He wants us to live), we don’t have to worry about “FOMO!” He said, “God has a life of wonder planned for you so you don’t have to wonder.” And I would add: wAnder!

One of my favorite Bible passages is Proverbs 3:5,6. “Trust the Lord with ALL your heart and don’t lean on your own understanding of your circumstances. In ALL your ways, acknowledge Him and He WILL make your path straight!”

Jesus has a race course (path) laid out for each of us. That’s how much He loves us. When you stay in your “lane”, you don’t get bumped off the track; disqualified for being in the wrong lane. You don’t miss out on the great things that God has in store for you.

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