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“Geronimo”- Leadership Strategies of an American Warrior

Posted by admin March - 24 - 2020 - Tuesday

A coaching friend put me on to this book recently. It is full of great information. And… guess who the author is? Coach Mike Leach! It is a combination of American History (which I’ve always loved) and a study in leadership.

As many of you know, Geronimo was a Chiricahua Apache warrior of the 1800’s in what is now New Mexico, Arizona and across the border in Sonora, Mexico. What you may not know is that he was one of the greatest American military strategist and tacticians this country has ever known. As coaches and leaders, we can learn much from this man. Thus, Coach Leach’s book is well worth reading.

I’ve only read the first 3 chapters; but, I’m already fascinated by the man, Geronimo, and his leadership style. The Apache tribe was the last to succumb to the overwhelming advantage that the U.S. Army held in that part of the country. Geronimo was the last Apache chief to surrender. And it didn’t come without years of ourfoxing and outfighting the U.S. Army generals assigned to capture him.

What has Coach Leach presented thus far that would encourage you to get this book? One thing I like that the author has done is intersperse throughout each chapter “Lessons” for leaders to pay attention to. Each lesson ties in with the subject matter of that particular chapter. For example, chapter 1 is entitled “The Makings of a Warrior (Discipline.)” Leach describes warrior training in the Apache culture and shows how this training created the great leader that Geronimo became. Some of the “lessons” in this chapter are: “Serve an apprenticeship to develop excellence and a useful set of skills.” Another is: “Have a purpose in everything you do.” Reading the body of work in this chapter will give the reader details on HOW these lessons can be learned and applied.

Since we’re all shut down right now, it is a good time to do some reading. This is one book that I know will help any coach/leader/businessman who is reading this. Get a copy today!

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