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Posted by admin March - 29 - 2019 - Friday

Our pastor held another Leadership Summit at our church this past week. He shared some great stuff!

I don’t know where I first heard it but someone once said, “If you can take just 1 thing from a conference/clinic/seminar that you can use, then it was worth it!” This is true with what our pastor shared. He gave me 3 things though! He said, “Dream BIG! Pray BIG! EXECUTE small and BIG!” A lot of wisdom there.

1- Dream BIG! We are guided by our perceptions and thoughts. If we dream small, we are going to achieve small goals. Goals that probably weren’t worth achieving anyway. Some say, “I don’t want to dream big cuz if my dreams don’t come true, I feel let down!” My reply? If you never dream big, you’ll never accomplish anything big and you’ll spend your life feeling let down!

One of the best sayings I’ve ever heard comes from a pastor/friend of mine. His name is Melvin Marriner. It’s his “motto” for his church: “You cannot rise to low expectations!” Why? Cuz there’s nothing to rise to! Dream BIG!

2- Pray BIG! Take your dreams to God. Pray your prayers in faith! Ask God for His help and guidance. As Carrie Underwood sang a few years ago, let “Jesus Take the Wheel!” I am convinced that God wants us to pray big, bold prayers! It shows that we have confidence in Him!

3- Finally, Execute small and BIG!!! Some people think that they can skip the details. “Just focus on the BIG things and you’ll be OK!” ummmmmmm… not so fast, my friend! If you’ve read my book or followed me on this blog site over the years, you know that my motto is: “Little things can make a BIG difference!” They may seem like small things; but, left unchecked, they pile up and become big things! I keep a check-list of the “little things” that I need to take care of during the week. It helps me to stay on top of things and not get overwhelmed. Take time to assess what your small and big things are. Then, like “eating the elephant”… take one bite at a time!

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