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Posted by admin September - 13 - 2016 - Tuesday

Kudo’s to Bob Gass Ministries again for “nailing” it this morning in their Word For You Today devotion. It really spoke to a situation that a coaching friend of mine is dealing with. The gist of the devotion this morning will be an encouragement to him and to many of you, too, I think.

It’s a capsulized look at Joseph’s life… and how, regardless of his circumstances, God was with him and had something better planned for his life. First, his brother’s sold him into slavery. Joseph ended up in Egypt where he rose in power until his boss’s wife came on to him and he refused her advances. She cried “rape” (falsely) but her husband believed her— not Joseph. Joseph gets thrown in jail. As Pastor Gass points out, “Some of us would have said, ‘It’s not fair. I did the right thing. Maybe I should have had some fun, kept my job and even gotten a promotion.’ Not Joseph! At that point in his life (here’s the KEY!) there was no better place for him to be, because he was exactly where God wanted him.”

Sometimes when we hit rock bottom, we fear that the “good life” as we know it is over. But, God has bigger plans for you. God had something much bigger for Joseph to accomplish. He has that for you too. God knows exactly where He’s taking you and He knows the lessons you must learn along the way. When things are at their worst, instead of succumbing to fear or self-pity or giving up… look for God’s hand in that situation.

I need to add that none of this works if all you have is a “passing relationship” with God. He requires a commitment to him the same way you ask for a commitment from your players. That comes by going ‘all in” for Jesus. Jesus offers the open door to God and heaven that nobody or nothing else can. Soooooooo… think about this today: are you willing to turn things over to Jesus and let HIM be your “Head Coach?!” Cuz, if you are, then God will begin to implement His plan for your life. and… God’s way is ALWAYS better than ours!!!

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