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Posted by admin April - 24 - 2013 - Wednesday

When I get 2 unrelated people or sources saying the same thing to me, I start paying close attention! This is often when God is speaking to me— not in an audible voice, but through people or circumstances which I call “God-incidences” rather than coincidences. Here’s the gist of what I was hearing:

Be careful around people who don’t value themselves, because they’re incapable of valuing you.

Look for those people who enhance you, not inhibit you; who fertilize your mind, not pollute it. These are the people who will either fortify your faith or destroy it. These “enhancers”, when you’re around them, will help you see your best qualities and you will be nurtured by the words that come from their mouths. When you encounter someone who says you have nothing to offer, be sure to laugh… cuz it’s impossible to hear a joke and not have a good laugh!

When God created you He stepped back and said, “it is good. You are my masterpiece.” So I want to encourage you to stop entertaining negative opinions. Each of us has so much potential that we need to think in terms of possibilities, not negativities.

Don’t let past failures or regrets block you from this realm of possibility. God’s unconditional love is not based on your performance. So we shouldn’t run our life based on success and failure.

I have decided that I have found my “Life Anthem.” I’ll ask for it to be played at my funeral. It encompasses how I want to live my life and how I would encourage you to consider living yours! It’s a song by one of my favorite Contemporary Christian singing groups, Point of Grace. I call it “Turn Up the Music” but the real title is “How You Live.” It’s worth an internet search for the lyrics and listen to the song while the lyrics are on the screen. “Cuz it’s not who you knew or what you did, but HOW you live!!!” That’s when your life counts for something of eternal value.

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