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Posted by admin October - 25 - 2012 - Thursday

I read something this morning which captured my interest. As a coach, if you are not focusing on being a better leader you’re going to suffer the consequences of failed expectations.

A famous line from the old Pogo comic strip shows us that, perhaps, the hardes person in the world for you to lead will be yourself! The line goes, “We have met the enemy, and he is us!” Human nature seems to have given us the ability to size up everyone but ourselves. We have 2 problems that we need to confront:

1) We don’t see ourselves as we see others. If we don’t look at ourselves honestly, we will never understand where our personal difficulties lie. And if we can’t see them, we won’t be able to lead ourselves efficiently.

2) We are harder on others than we are on ourselves. We tend to judge others according to their actions. We tend to judge ourselves based on our intentions. We we do the wrong thing, we let ourselves off the hook because we think our motives were good. The problem is, we are usually willing to do that same thing again and again before making ourselves change!

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