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Happy Resurrection Day!

Posted by admin April - 19 - 2011 - Tuesday

I sat and watched Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of Christ again the other night. It reminded me once again how much God loves us… that He’d let His Son go through that mauling for you and for me! It was excrutiating to watch it portrayed on the tv screen in high def! WOW! It made me realize how true the Bible verse is that says: No greater love does one man have for another than that he would lay down his life for another! That is what Jesus did on that day… took that beating; got nailed to a cross and died a horrible death for our sins.

My granddaughter was watching it with me and it didn’t make any sense to her about how Jesus took our place and died for us. I told her, “suppose you were over at Sophia’s house and she did something bad… and her Mommy was getting ready to punish her. You stepped forward and said to her mom: ‘No…. let me take Sophia’s place. Punish me instead.'” I could see in my granddaughter’s face that it “clicked.” I hope it “clicks” for you too!

I recall when I was in elementary school living near Washington, DC. Our Cub Scout den went to the Wax Museum in D.C. one day. The scene of the 4 Chaplains on the WW II ship that was sinking from a topedo attack captivated me. They had given up their life jackets to save others. The scene showed them singing hymns and praising God as the ship sank. That same verse was there: “No greater love can be shown than to give up one’s life for another!” Those chaplains were exemplifying Christ-like love for their fellow man.

Let’s remember that life lesson as we close in on Easter week-end. Bunnies and egg hunts are fun but this holiday commenmorates the greatest act of love ever exhibited toward mankind. So… “Love one another!!!”

Remember: “HE’S ALIVE!!!!

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