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Posted by admin December - 18 - 2015 - Friday

This came up this morning when talking to a young coach who’s getting ready for his first head coach interview… so I wanted to pass it along since some of you may be gearing up for interviews for head coaching positions in the next few weeks yourselves. Some of this is a “repeat” from a previous post but there is something I want to elaborate on here.

My main point when going into an interview is: “It’s not just what you say that counts; how you say it can count even more!” Your non-verbal language carries a lot of weight with an interview committee. You certainly want to be prepared and answer succinctly (don’t try to impress the committee with how much you know.) It’s more important to know when to stop when answering a question. But, your “body language” has a lot of impact on other people.

What I want to stress today, though, is: don’t leave that interview without “interviewing” the interviewers!!! You should have some questions that you need answers to also. I hope you’re not so desperate for a head job that you’ll “grab” at any offer that comes along. You need to “Count the Cost” as the Bible instructs. You do this by asking some key questions of your own. They are:

1- Who runs the weight program?
Now this is a general question that’s designed to find out how the administration feels about off-season training. It also gives you an idea of who’s going to be in charge of your program.

2- Who maintains the fields?
Everybody likes a nice-looking game field; but…. who’s going to maintain it? Fertilization, mowing and general upkeep is a full time job. Then, who’s responsible for painting the game field before home games? If this falls on YOU as the head coach, you’ve got to wonder how much support you’re going to get in other areas of your program too!

3- Who cleans the uniforms?
This is another of those “behind-the-scenes” jobs that can really wear on you as the head coach IF… you are responsible for cleaning uniforms.

4- What about fund-raising?
Another hot button issue that will be a strong indicator of how much the administration really wants the football program to succeed. I was at a school where over the years more and more of the football budget was expected to be raised by the players and coaches themselves— getting out there and selling donuts, gift cards or candles. You need to know beforehand where the administration stands on funding your program.

There you have it. Four key questions that you need answers to before you accept a new head coaching position.

hummmmmm?? This just struck me. You probably want to know about parent support and/or booster club support. Again, who’s controlling your program— YOU or the Booster Club President or Board??!!!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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