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Posted by admin May - 31 - 2011 - Tuesday

For a lot of you, school is coming to a close for another year. Some of you have finished spring practice and/or your off-season weight lifting work-outs. It’s a “lull time” before the summer kicks in. Eight weeks till pre-season practice starts, guys!!! This is the time of year when “deflation” sets in. You’re probably happy to have some time off. You’re glad NOT to see those players for a week or so! You start thinking about the upcoming season and maybe you don’t get too excited… UGH! You may be suffereing from burnout!

Remember the story in the Bible about Moses and the burning bush? It burned and burned but it did not burn out. Some folks who once burned for God or football or teaching… have burned out. Loyal workers in the church for years, then suddenly they vanish. A valued coach who unexpectedly resigns. Burnout has been described as: “fatigue brought about by devotion to a cause that failed to produce the expected reward.” hummmmmm??? Sound familiar? Does that hit close to home for any of you: coaches; pastors; teachers???

So how can you avoid burnout?
1- Seek God’s input. The Bible says that “if any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, Who gives generously to all without finding fault” (James 1:5) God is THE Expert; consult Him!
2- Realign your priorities. Too many irons in the fire mean none of them gets the attention they deserve. Learn to say “no.” Your family will appreciate it, even if others don’t!
3- Practice the art of thanksgiving. It’s said, “get into the habit of noticing— and nurturing— the unspectacular good things that happen to you.”
4- Learn the art of physical relaxation. Take 10 or 20 minutes during the middle of the day and enjoy a quick rest. I’ve heard it called a “power nap.” It works! Coax your body and your mind to just relax. Maybe imagine yourself basking on a warm beach somewhere.
5- Excercise. It’s one of the best stress reducers you can use. A brisk mile walk can do wonders. Some of you may want to go farther and harder— but get out there and exercise.
6- Find someone to share with. One of my former assistant coaches was the most loyal guy I’ve ever worked with. He was there for me to “dump on.” He was a great listener and a great support. When I get home, I have my wonderful wife to share things with. She’s gifted with wisdom. My pastor and my best friend are also there for me. Shutting yourself off merely increases the problem rather than solving it! Which leads me to prayer. Take the time to share with God too. He’s the BEST Listener of all!

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  1. Coach Minor says:

    Very true coach! I appreciate your encouraging words!

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