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Intro Meeting

Posted by admin January - 9 - 2011 - Sunday

I met with those students interested in playing football the other day. It was a good turn-out and I could sense that they were “tuned in” to what I was sharing. I talked a little about my philosophy while I shared with them my vision of where I saw our program going and, more importantly, HOW we get there. I told them about the factors that I feel are critical to a successful HS football program.

The first is Leadership. It has to start with the rising Senior class but everyone has to be a leader by setting a good example. But it is the seniors who have the major responsibility of “guiding the ship.” I like what I see with our rising seniors. A great group of guys! I am blessed.

The second factor is Attitude. I told them that they would hear this time and again from me: Attitude Is EVERYTHING! Their mind set; their outlook; their willingness to persevere in the face of adversity is extremely important.

Third is Work Ethic… and this is expressed in the off season through their commitment to our weight program. We need to get faster and stronger. The weight room builds that plus more: team unity and a self confidence that only comes from seeing that weight go up.

Finally, the last factor I see as being critical to a program’s success is Talent. There’s no substitute for ability. But at the high school level, the first 3 factors can overcome the fourth! We will have a bunch of highly intelligent, motivated young men— with great attitudes and work ethic. If they will cooperate with me and respect their coaches and teammates, we will accomplish a lot.

On Wednesday, we will start our first off season workouts. I call them “Skills and Drills.” It will be my first chance to see those players who do not play a winter sport move around. We’ll do some agility work; work on form run and perform some skills cogent to a particular position; i.e., linemen will pull and run… backs will back pedal and turn. I want to evaluate where we are athletically and see what we need to work on.

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  1. Joe Daniel says:

    Great message Coach, sounds like you are getting off to a good start!