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Isaiah 40:31— Waiting!!!

Posted by admin March - 30 - 2011 - Wednesday

How many of you enjoy waiting for something?!! Like in the check-out line at the grocery store? Or in line at an amusement park?? NO fun!!! for me anyway… how about YOU?? The Lord has been teaching me to WAIT… on Him!!! I submitted to His authority in my life almost 30 years ago. From a football perspective, I told God that He is my Head Coach… even though my title was “head coach.” He is my Boss! Which means, what He says is what I do! That is, IF I’m going to be a good assistant coach!

He told me in October when I knew I was going to retire from Chesapeake Schools in June (yea!) to WAIT. He led me to this Bible verse: Isaiah 40:31— “Those who WAIT upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They will mount up on eagles’ wings.” I trusted Him so I waited. Wellllllllllll… I waited a little while. Then I started running ahead of His timing and His plan. And I got slapped around! Once I fell back in line, He blessed me with this wonderful new position as head football coach at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy. WOW!!!

Then I started working on hiring a coaching staff. Once again, I didn’t show a lot of patience… ran out ahead of Him and was dismayed at the number of people who turned me down. When I finally stopped, stepped back and just waited (again!), He poured out His grace and brought me thhis week a wonderful young man who will be perfect for my staff!!! I thought my staff was supposed to be finalized by the end of January! Not His plan. His timing was the end of March!

There’s only one way to learn patienceand that’s to WAIT!!! You learn to wait and not run out ahead… be obedient and good things happen. Not only now but in the future. It’s one of those “life lessons” that most of us need to learn and apply!

God is gooooooood!!!! ALL the time!

2 Responses to “Isaiah 40:31— Waiting!!!”

  1. Coach Brian says:

    Coach, i wanted to say that your blog is very refreshing! In this day and age we lose sight of the Lord and how he shapes our lives. I too have been much happier when i stay under the watchful eyes of the Lord. Stepping out hurts way too much. I also appreciate the fact that you incorporate this into your coaching. The “Little Things” always get us when were not careful.

    Thank you,


  2. Coach Ray says:


    I could not agree more with you. Waiting always is the hardest part. As the season changes to spring, I read and watch other coaching staff’s preparing their teams for next season. Meanwhile, I am struggling to get a staff together, struggling to decide what offense we should run, and more importantly, struggling to get this program underway. I will need to wait…. and let go of myself, and cling to the Lord. Thanks for the encouraging words of wisdom.

    Coach Ray