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Keep Practicing!

Posted by admin September - 27 - 2010 - Monday

In the Bible, King Saul was attacked by evil spirits that tormented him. So he sent for David to come and play his harp. As David played, “Relief would come to Saul; he would feel better…”

This story shows us 2 things: 1- the power of praise and 2- the power of practice. David didn’t suddenly discover his talent when he arrived at Saul’s palace. No… he developed it through years of practice on lonely hillsides while tending his father’s sheep.

When it comes to practice, the two most difficult challenges you face are a) having the desire to do it (especially if you’re on a losing streak during your season) and b) having the discipline to keep at it.

Guys…. there is no easy way to become a disciplined person. But, if you want to be a successful coach, it’s something that you MUST develop! Just remember, it has nothing to do with talent or ability. It is not a matter of conditions, but choice. But once the choice is made and practice becomes a habit, 2 things become obvious.

The first is a clear difference between the person who practices (hard) and the one who doesn’t. Cyclist Lance Armstrong said, “Success comes from training harder and digging deeper than others.” And he should know!

The second thing that emerges is a winning spirit. The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender to things like fatigue, complacency, discouragement, criticism and all the other stuff that tries to break your stride.

Keep practicing!

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