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Know Your Priorities

Posted by admin April - 13 - 2021 - Tuesday

It has amazed me over the last 6-8 weeks how one’s priorities can change so quickly. We found out the first week in February that my sweet wife has pancreatic cancer. Our whole world was turned upside down. Every moment I had during the day (and night) was devoted to her. The only other priority that remained the same was my relationship with Jesus. Otherwise, my focus was solely on caring for her.

Our local football team played 6 games during the same time. I was able to help our head coach with breaking down video on Sunday’s… from my computer at home! Otherwise, my attention was solely on her. Attending practice was out of the question. The bottom line was: coaching football was not a priority in my life at the time. I focused my energy on making sure my wife’s needs were being met.

I retired from being a head football coach in 2015 because I felt that the Lord was impressing upon me that it was time to give the “first fruits” of my time to my wife. She had always wanted to travel. THAT became my priority. We took 2 river cruises in Europe; a bus tour of the Canyonlands of the Southwest and 2 trips to New England to see the leaves change in the fall. We missed out on the beauty of the trees… but had two wonderful trips up north. There were smaller trips too; but, she enjoyed all of them. We’re kinda “grounded” right now from traveling. Hopefully the chemo will do its job and we can visit Scotland like we’d planned before the pandemic hit. Ya gotta have HOPE!

My point is this coaches: 1- KNOW what your priorities are. Why? Because they will show you what your PURPOSE in life is! then… 2- make a commitment to put your priorities in line with your daily planner. We can “say” that something is important. However, are you putting “it” at the top of your “To-Do List”??? You’ll find that your life will go much smoother when you get your priorities straight!

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