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Little Things… that Can Make a BIG Difference!

Posted by admin July - 28 - 2010 - Wednesday

Hey Coaches: Just a quick “pitch” for my coaching book that you can order from this website.
It’s getting to be THAT time of the year. I think that the “best stuff” in the entire book is in this section: Pre Season. then the Regular Season material follows.

If you are looking for a ready reference as to how you can better set things up for your quickly approaching season, let me encourage you to invest in this book. I am also available to answer any questions or just be a listening ear from an objective standpoint for you.


One Response to “Little Things… that Can Make a BIG Difference!”

  1. I bought the book a month ago and totally agree that it is the best book I have read on how to run a program the right way year round. You will quickly find yourself dog-earing pages of ideas for your own program. This may be the best “Little Thing” you to do buy this book and implement its ideas in the context of your own program!