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Looking Back… Looking Ahead

Posted by admin December - 20 - 2011 - Tuesday

It was one ago (almost) to the day that I accepted the HC position at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy. What a GREAT year it has been!!!

However, it closed on a very sad note this past week. One of my player’s dad murdered his wife and then committed suicide last Tuesday. The shock waves reverberated throughout the school and community. We had to go through 2 funerals in the past 4 days and it was rough on all of my boys. They hurt as one of their friends and teammates hurt.

It was interesting that the boy went to school the next day. Several people commented to me, “how could he do that?!” My response was, “you don’t understand the bonds of caring commitment that people feel at this school.” It is more than just a school… it is a community. The boy felt safe and secure at school. It is just another example of why I am so proud to be affiliated with these fine people.

How does this type of unity get built? Whether it’s your team, your school or your business organization it comes down to one thing: everyone working together to achieve a common goal. The vision that our school has is to educate the whole child— academics and character go hand in hand. And everyone “buys into it.” Having this common vision allows everyone to work together to achieve it. If you are a head coach, then you need to realize that your team, your program will never be truly successful until you develop a vision and “cast” that vision to the others around you. Then, with God’s help, you can work to achieve it.

I am reading a book that my pastor encouraged me to read. It’s part of a study program to prepare me to assume the role of an assistant pastor at my church…. but it’s reading for anyone who’s in a leadership role. The title of the book is Visioneering by Andy Stanley. I recommend it to anyone who has a vision for his organization.

Merry Christmas!!! and remember: Jesus is the Reason for the season!!!”

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