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On Vacation!

Posted by admin July - 2 - 2013 - Tuesday

My wife, my granddaughter and I am enjoying a relaxing week on the Outer Banks of NC! More clouds than sun but that’s ok— I’ll get plenty of sun when practice starts in August!

Two things I want to share with my coaching friends out there who read this: 1) take some time off and spend some time away with your family! It’s a long haul from August to November… take some time now to relax and get away from football for a week. Your family needs your undivided attention and you need to re-charge your batteries.

2) Communicate with your players and their parents. With email, Facebook, texting and such, there is no excuse for not staying in touch with (in particular!) your players’ parents. It’s something I’ve worked hard to cultivate over the last 2 years. Parents are naturally interested in what’s going on in their son’s life. You, as the football coach, hold a lot of influence in that boy’s life. Keeping the parents informed as to what’s going on in your program just makes sense. I believe in building a “family” atmosphere in our football program. I want my parents to know that they are included, not excluded, in our football team.

I want to encourage you to post a monthly email during the off-season and then during the season, on Sunday’s, a weekly email to all of your players and parents. It builds trust and a sense of unity in your program.

Oops! The sun’s back out. We’re heading back up to the beach. We’ve spotted dolphins in the ocean 3 times now— that’s considered fun for old people at the beach!!!

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