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Recruiting, Part 2

Posted by admin January - 27 - 2010 - Wednesday

I wanted to add a note to yesterday’s post.  One other important subject that you need to be versed in:  the NCAA Clearinghouse (which I understand is not even called by that name anymore.)

Questions are going to arise from parents and players concerning how they register; what is a CORE  g.p.a. and what SAT or ACT score earns them a “passing” score.  Right there, with the use of the term passing score, shows that they do not understand the sliding scale concept of grades vs. scores to determine initial eligibility.

It is imperative that you educate yourself on these concepts so you can answer questions as they come up.  Go to the Clearinghouse’s website.  There is an excellent Guide for Student-Athletes that will familiarize you with everything about college recruiting guidelines that you will need.

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