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Rivalry Game!

Posted by admin September - 25 - 2015 - Friday

BIG game tonight! It’s one that we’ve been pointing to since last season when this team refused to pull their starters in the 4th quarter and… continued to throw the ball down the field with a 3 TD lead. It kinda upset me!! and I let the coach know after the game. He just smirked at me! Sooooooo… now, tonight (hopefully) it’s time for pay backs!

The kids have been fired up all week— great week of practice. We’re 3 and 1 and it’s our first conference game too. They come in here with an attitude that they are invincible. We’ll see.

My “word” for coaches is: Be careful how you “regulate” the Intensity Level during the week. They can be tooooo “high” emotionally just like they can be too “down” (flat). If you sense on game day that they are “tight”, you don’t need to do anything more to get them fired up. I’ve found that the adrenalin rush that they get as the game starts wears off pretty quick. They go in at half time and go flat. Then, the second half is just not as well-played as the first. Better to keep them on an even keel. Talk to them about this before the game. “Put it on” the other team: “Guys, they’re going to come out all fired up. We’re going to continue to play hard but not let the emotion get to us. When they come out flat in the 3rd quarter, THAT’S when we’re going to turn it on!!!”

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