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Posted by admin November - 3 - 2020 - Tuesday

I have good news for those of you out there who are Wing T coaches! I have been “advising” 2 coaches this fall in states where they’ve been allowed to play football— one in West Virginia and one in Indiana. One team is 8-1 and the other is 11-0!!! They are both running the “old fashioned” base (University of Delaware) version of the Wing T! The team in Indiana is crushing people. I asked their coach as we concluded our weekly meeting, “what are the naysaying chirping about now, Coach?!!” As happens when someone wants to install this great offense, he got a lot of blowback in the Spring when he announced that they were going to install the Delaware Wing T. He’s averaging 50 points a game in the playoffs. He told me that all he hears now (from the naysayers) is crickets! “They have had to eat their words, Lew.” Beautiful!

He did pass along a coaching tip that I want to share with you. I had not thought about this before— it’s a great idea! He was preparing for his next playoff opponent last week. We were talking on Saturday. I asked if he had received any Hudl video on his next opponent. His answer was “no.” But, his next statement was eye-opening. He said, “but I have already started scouting their star running back.” I asked, “how did you accomplish that?” “I looked at his Hudl highlight video,” he replied. “What???” “Yes,” he said. “I can view all of his big runs. That way, I know already what we need to stop when we play them next week.” Ingenious!!! I was reallllllllllly impressed.

Kids are “giving away” a means of scouting them by posting their best plays on their Hudl highlight video! An opposing coach can go online and break down all of his key plays. I suppose that I’m a little “behind the times” compared to some of you. If you’re already doing this… good for you! If this is something new and innovative, I’m not charging you a cent for this invaluable info!!! LOL!!! My goal is to help others be successful. I think that this is a great aid in preparing your defense for a great athlete. In this case, it was their Tailback. It can just as easily be the quarterback or even a receiver. Study the plays that he’s been most successful executing and build your defensive game plan to stop those plays!!! PROPER Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

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