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Posted by admin October - 1 - 2014 - Wednesday

Sooooooooooo… we had 2 more starters go out with a serious injury during Friday’s game. To add “injury to insult” we also got crushed 61-6! One of the worst losses I’ve suffered in my career. To say that I was down this weekend is putting it mildly. Our kids made a HUGE mental error on our first drive. At our opponent’s 6 yard line, the qb called a pass instead of the fullback iso I wanted; it was picked off and 94 yards later, they were winning 6-0. It went downhill from there. The mercy rule/running clock was the only thing that saved us in the second half. It was over fast and we got to go home early.

After I got over being angry, I had to spend some time with God. I was able to finally ask Him: “What are You teaching me in this, Lord?”

We now have 9 starters who are out for a lengthy period with injuries ranging from a pulled hamstring to torn ACL. These are tough kids so nobody is “faking.” They are legitimate injuries. We’ve been bitten by the “injury bug” and can’t seem to shake it.

I gave them Monday off. This is our bye week so I told them just to “get away” from football. We came back together yesterday and had a light practice for 90 minutes. But… before we went out, I met with the team. I could tell that they were waiting to see how I was going to be acting and what I was going to say!!!

Fortunately, after praying, talking with my wife and meeting with a good Christian Brother, I was able to stand in front of those boys and tell them: “The Bible says (Phil. 3:13) to ‘forget what is past. Press on toward the goal!’ and.. that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Friday is over and gone. Let’s get that bad taste out of our mouths. So, dry hock that bad taste and spit it out! Now… our (new) 2014 season begins today! We are 0-0. We have 4 games in this season. This week is pre-season. We’re going to work on fundamentals then on Monday we’ll begin preparation for our opening game. Is everybody ready??!!! Let’s go!” And off we went to the practice field.

I wanted to “Speak Life” into those guy’s hearts. Put the past behind us and press on. We have 4 games left and we can win all of them. It’s not going to be easy because of those injuries but… we’re going to work hard and have a great attitude.

Our coaches do a good job of being positive; I have to work on that. We have some fragile ego’s right now. I need to build them up, not tear them down.

Sooooooooooooo… what is God teaching me in all of this? I think I know! That no matter the circumstances, God is with me; God is FOR me (yep! even in the losing!) and… He will never leave me nor forsake me. He is in control of everything. Jesus wants us to become more like Him. That means that we have to go through the same suffering that He did. What does He want to build up in us? Character.

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  1. Alan Peterson says:

    So Lew… did you read the blog below the blog from today… seems to me that God was setting you up the whole time. Funny how that works! Love you Brother! AP

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