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Posted by admin August - 1 - 2017 - Tuesday

This is more of a commentary than advice today. It’s bothered me for a while and it’s “reared its ugly head again!”

As football practice has started, several players have told the HC that they CAN’T come out for football!!!! “Why not?” he asks. The answers are all centered around 2 things (just 1 really!) but their “reason” is: they have to concentrate on 1 sport or…. here it comes: it’ll ruin their chances of getting a scholarship!!! Come on man!!!

I bet if you lined up 100 high school athletes from your school and asked them to be honest and tell you WHY they are playing their particular sport, the vast majority would say: “To get a scholarship.” WOW!!! What happened to playing high school sports for the sake of enjoyment of the sport and competition and interacting with your teammates???

This all came to a head two weeks ago for me as I watched the MLB Home Run Derby. Aaron Judge was crushing it! The announcers were going on and on about what a great guy he is— besides being an outstanding baseball player! Then it happened… they flashed a message across the screen showing Judge in his HS football uniform and his Sr. year stats. Oh and then it showed him in his basketball uniform grabbing a rebound and his stats! Finally, his stats for his senior baseball season! A 3-sport star!!! I bet his baseball coach had a stroke every year! Or maybe his basketball coach implored him to “forget about those other 2 sports and concentrate on basketball!” His football coach… probably tried to apply the same pressure!!! Is it SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad… and infuriating!!! And quite honestly, very selfish on the part of that coach who pressures his/her players to concentrate on 1 sport— his, of course!!!

My response? Playing 3 sports in high school didn’t seem to adversely affect Aaron Judge’s baseball career… did it???!!!!

Think about it!!!

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