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Speed and Agility

Posted by admin May - 17 - 2010 - Monday

I have to remember that some of you reading this blog are looking for answers to problems you’re having with your program and others simply desire further education on developing a consistently successful HS football program. I shared with a coach this morning via email that I would hope he’d consider purchasing my book, 101 Little Things— that I think it would help him with some answers he needs to get his program on track.

I want to talk about what makes for a successful off season conditioning program. This entry may be “preaching to the choir” but I need to bring it up. If your off-season program consists only of lifting weights then you are short-changing your players. We were fortunate back in the mid 90’s to have the highly successful Clemson University Mens’ Track coach join our faculty at Western Branch. We met and agreed that we needed to coordinate between the Track and Football teams. In fact, Wade Williams accepted my offer of joining our football staff. He brought a work ethic and a whole different appoach to football conditioning than anything I’d been exposed to in the past.

What Wade taught was “speed training!” I was under the impression that you “can’t teach speed!” That you’ve either got it or you don’t. Coach Williams proved me wrong.

If you don’t know about Speed Training, Plyometrics or Agility work, you need to check it out! It’s a component of your program that can be a KEY element to your success.

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