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Posted by admin August - 13 - 2013 - Tuesday

We’ve finished our first week of practice. We went 2-a-days all last week— light work-out in the afternoon and pads in the evening. The kids responded well. We have a veteran team and a LOT more kids out for football than we’ve had since I started here 3 years ago. Kids are excited about football and want to play. That is a credit to our staff and our philosophy of building relationships with our players.

I’ve mentioned before that I do a “Word of the Week” every week of the season. I borrow some of these from our FCA chaplain and then other weeks, I select the word based on something that we need to focus on that particular week. This week’s word is: (SERVANT) LEADERSHIP. We are going to select our Team Lieutenants at the end of this week. (Note: we select 5-7 “Lt.’s” instead of 1-2 Captains.) I wanted to discuss the qualities of an effective leader with the players.

I started out asking them to give me the name of a great leader with whom they have had personal contact. I wrote each name on the white board as they shouted it out. Once we had 7 or 8 I then asked them to tell me what is it about this person that makes them a great leader in the player’s mind. I then wrote those traits on the board. I then shared why I include “Servant” as part of leadership. I used my example of Jesus Christ as my effective leader and talked about how the Bible states that “to be great, be the least.” I want them to see that a great leader is not afraid to get his hands dirty… that a great leader does not “lord it over” the others.

We will pick our Lieutenants on Thursday. I want them to select our best leaders. Leadership is one of those Little Things that can make a BIG difference in the success of your team. Choose your leaders wisely!

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