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Posted by admin January - 29 - 2019 - Tuesday

I had the good fortune to have been invited to speak this past weekend at the National Wing T Coaches Clinic in Pittsburgh. There were over 300 coaches in attendance from all over the country. They were all there to do one thing: learn more about this wonderful offense that we know and love. Interestingly, we wanted to know more! That is why we were there.

It is a pleasure to announce that I am returning to coaching full-time! Welllllllllll… flex time! I still need to be available to help out my wife with babysitting our granddaughter. And I promised her that we will still be traveling in the Fall (during the season!). When the head coach asked me to be his OC, I explained that there is a commitment to helping my wife. He was amenable to my situation.

There were a number of excellent speakers at the clinic. It was fun to sit in on their talks and glean information from them. Knowing that I would be gaining knowledge was exciting for me. I had a reason to take notes and ask questions… cuz I am in the midst of putting together the Wing T offense we’re going to run this year. It reminded me how much I enjoy learning and growing. I was applying what I have encouraged coaches to be (and do!) for a number of years: BE A “STUDENT OF THE GAME!”

What’s the old saying? “If you’re not growing, you’re rotting?!” Whatever your job; whatever your situation, there is still more to learn. When you think you’ve learned it all, there’s still more knowledge out there to gain. One of my Education professors challenged us to be “life-long learners.” As teachers, we were encouraged to continue to study our craft. The same thing goes for coaching.

Go to clinics. Read books. Watch video’s. Visit and talk to other coaches. Use the off-season in the same manner that you are challenging your players to do: Get Better!!!

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