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Study the Rule Book!

Posted by admin September - 3 - 2010 - Friday

Guys: Just a quick one today. I know that many of you are opening this week-end. But, when you read this… go find your Federation rule book and read it!!!!!

I remember Bill Walsh of the SF 49ers saying that he re-read the NFL rule book every year before the season started. I started doing the same thing and it helped “save” us from officials blunders more than once.

When you can call time out and ask the White Hat over to question a call, IF… you have a knowledge of the rule book and can quote it to him, you have a far better chance of winning your argument! In fact, I would encourage you to carry a copy of the rule book in your back pocket. Now you have the written word to back you up! Of course, you have to know WHERE to look up something in the rule book if you’re going to show it to the Referee so……. again, STUDY your rule book.

We had an instance once where they threw a flag cuz they said we roughed their punter. I showed the officials that the rule says that when the ball skips back to the punter and he begins to run parallel to the L.O.S. he loses his protection. The Ref paused… thought.. and said: “You’re right, Coach. Your ball right there where he was tackled!”
That led to us scoring and winning that game! Know your rule book!

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