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“THAT Kid”– success story!

Posted by admin March - 26 - 2010 - Friday

I love it when coaches write me in response to what I’ve shared here on the blog! This is a real life success story that the coach who wrote in said that I could share with all of you.

He wrote that they have one of “those kids”— just like what I described in the last post: “Talented, ignored at home! and a bit mischievous.” The coach went on to say that he told the boy that he was going to “stay on his butt!” and he has! Now get this, coaches: The coach even went to the parent conferences with the boy’s teachers. He has stayed in close contact with his teachers and if he misses an assignment, they let him know so he can get the boy to make up the work.

He is now passing all of his classes. He’s made 19 of 22 weight lifting work-outs so far this year whereas he only made 2 the entire off-season LAST year! When he’s had to miss, the boy has let the coach know beforehand.

As the coach was emailing me, he got a text from the boy that read: “Coach, I got a 90 on my Science test. Thanks for everything.” He had a 24 average in the class before the coach intervened— now his average is up to 76!

That’s the type of difference we can make in these kids’ lives if we are willing to “sow ourselves” into their lives. The coach also indicated to me that he knows he was called into coaching by God and it’s a joy to serve Him as he serves his athletes.

They don’t always turn out like this. There will be failures and disappointments. But… that doesn’t mean that you stop trying! There’s a poem that I remember reading a few years ago that dealt with situations just like that. I can’t quote it but it speaks to not giving up even when you do suffer failure… or people laugh at you… or others quit— don’t you quit! Keep reaching out to these young athletes.

Because we have Jesus living inside us through the power of His Holy Spirit… we may be the only Jesus that these boys see!

“Shine Jesus Shine!!! fill this land with the Father’s Glory. Blaze Spirit blaze, set our hearts on fire!”

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