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The 212-degree Attitude

Posted by admin July - 19 - 2010 - Monday

This is a good story!

I don’t know if I included this story in my book (see button on this page for 101 Little Things… summary) but it’s an excellent story with a point to share with your staff and players.

When a company interviewed Tim Dumler by phone for a sales position, he told them that his goal was to become the number one salesperson. After meeting him in person, they were shocked to discover that Tim was legally blind. They agreed to hire him… never expecting him to succeed like he did. But, true to his word, within 6 years, Tim was the top producer in the entire company. Tim, despite his disability, has the 212-degree attitude.

What’s the 212-degree attitude? At 211 degrees, water is merely hot. At 212 degrees, it boils! With boiling water comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. ONE extra degree makes all the difference in the world. It separates the good from the great!

Challenge your team to “turn it up” just one more degree… in effort, enthusiasm, dedication. It’s a positive message because it’s saying to your kids that you recognize that they are already working hard. But…. with just a little more effort, they can go from 211 degrees (where they are just “hot”) to 212 degrees where they are boiling!

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