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Posted by admin April - 12 - 2011 - Tuesday

I failed to include this at the end of my last post. I am on Bruce Brown’s email list for information that he sends out in conjunction with his organization, Proactive Coaching LLC. If you don’t subscribe, I would encourage you to do so. Coach Brown has some excellent stuff to share with coaches. This month’s email included a “Leadership Lesson” that appears to be from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King described the best leaders as being “tough minded and tender hearted.”

Then Coach Brown has a saying right below that. He calls it: The Challenge of Leadership.
To be strong without being insensitive, demeaning or rude
To be kind (compassionate) without being weak
To be humble without being timid
To be proud without being arrogant
To be respected without being feared

THAT’S why it’s called a challenge!!! If you can’t say that you encompass most of those 5 traits to the degree stated, I would encourage you to 1- start reading your Bible and study the life of Christ; 2- take a course on leadership; or 3- find a less challenging career than leading young people.

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