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The Circle Maker

Posted by admin August - 16 - 2012 - Thursday

We are reading a book church-wide right now. It’s having the same dramatic effect on me and our entire congregation that Purpose Driven Life did 5-6 years ago! The name of the book is The Circle Maker by Pastor Mark Batterson. Pastor Mark says to: Dream BIG… pray HARD… think LONG!

I wrote last week about one of our players having to stop playing because of a serious medical condition. I started praying (a LOT of people starting praying for our player!) and was about to give up (on God— cuz that’s in essence what you do when you give up praying for someone!!!) yesterday. I persevered though and spent a few minutes asking God one more time if He would heal and restore the young man’s health. I have to tell you… I wasn’t praying very boldly. The other thing Pastor Mark says is: “Bold prayers honor God and… God honors bold prayers!” Thus, his challenge to: pray HARD!!!

The player and his Dad walked into my office before practice yesterday afternoon. They were playing “coy” but I could tell something was up! They sat down and burst out: “He’s clear. He can play! They re-did the test and it’s clear. It was there last week and it’s gone now!” I gave the boy a big hug and just started praising God! When I told the team, I explained that here is a huge example of the power of prayer!!! It’s always good to “sprinkle a few Seeds” when God gives you an opportunity!

Dream BIG! Pray HARD!! Think LONG!!!

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