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The Importance of Little Things

Posted by admin January - 23 - 2011 - Sunday

Have you ever gone to a restaurant with somebody whose meal cost $8, and watched them struggle over the tip? They have $2 in change, and they know that leaving just $1 might be thought of as stingy. Yet do they leave $2? Not on your life! That would be too much. Instead they’ll waste ten minutes getting change for that second dollar so they can leave $1.50 tip and save themselves 50 cents, rather than “sow generously” and leave a little extra. What would have happened if they’d left the full $2? They would have the made the waitress or waiter’s day. Fifty cents may not seem like much, but the message that goes along with it can mean the world to someone else.

It says, “Thanks, you did a good job. I appreciate you, you’re valuable.” Maybe this message gets lost— your server just sweeps up the tip without counting— but you, the one who “sows generously” will still “reap generously.” What an opportunity. We can increase the happiness of others and bless ourselves, with just pocket change.

I have been sending “agape notes” to people in my church and others that I feel need to know that God loves them and so do I! Just a small card showing appreciation and love for who they are and how much their friendship means to me. It’s always hand-written and heartfelt. We miss opportunities to let others know that they are loved because we have it in our heads that we just don’t have time or it’s too much trouble to sit down and compose a hand-written note. What a shame. So many times over the years people whom I’ve sent these agape notes to have spoken to me (or written back!) and expressed how the note arrived at just the right time… and said just what they needed to hear. It’s a double blessing!

My plan is to continue this by also writing to my players from time to time. I’ve left notes in lockers in the past on the day of big games; but, my thought is that I need to be showing them how much I appreciate their hard work in those unexpected times too.

Small acts of kindness set the tone for our day. Going the extra mile— whether it’s a slightly larger tip, an unexpected compliment or a short note— costs very little and gets you a lot. Try it! You’ll find out that little things will make a BIG difference!

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  1. Ray Lowe says:


    Love the idea of leaving notes in players lockers! It is the “little things” in life that make a huge difference.