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Posted by admin July - 13 - 2020 - Monday

My family and I spent a week on the Outer Banks of North Carolina last week. It was good to get away. We’ve been going to the Nags Head/Duck, NC area of the OBX for almost 40 years. So, it was nice to “get away” and enjoy something of the “old” normal! Cuz what I want to share with you today has to do with the “New Normal” and what that looks like.

Call me a pessimist; though, I prefer realist… but, I have my doubts that any football is going to be played this fall— at ANY level!!! I’ve talked with coaches from about 7 different states in the last 2-3 weeks and they all say the same thing: “Welllllllllllll…. we’re hoping that we get to play. But the way the State Association is talking, I just don’t know.” I think those state associations are just putting off the inevitable!

Now… let me make it clear. I, too, hope we play football this fall! I’m even praying that God would take away this pandemic and get things back to normal— the “old” normal. And, I will continue to pray that prayer. But, I have also learned that God is a LOT wiser than I am and He has a plan and a purpose for every season under heaven. I sense a shaking in the heavenlies and it’s all about re-thinking our priorities and values in our culture.

Think about what our country would look like without football— or basketball next winter! Professional athletes (who are grossly over-paid!) would have to go out and find a real job. Many colleges would have to close their doors for lack of revenue. Without football and B-ball, the money dries up. They can’t afford to keep the doors open. College athletes would have to go to class— to get an education; not to stay eligible. High schools (if they even open) will lose the excitement of school opening and football season starting— bringing excitement and enthusiasm to the school and community. High school athletes wouldn’t have to spend innumerable hours training to get that elusive college scholarship. Entire TV networks would fold. There’s no “big time” sporting events to cover so they have no reason to charge money to watch their programs. Get my point? Our whole culture will change. For the good? Or… bad?

Sports (football in particular) has been a huge part of my life since I was a kid in the ’60’s. *That’s the 19-60’s… not 18!!! LOL It shaped my life— personally and professionally. But maybe we’ve allowed athletics to consume us. What happened to playing sports for the fun of playing and competing? Now it seems… it’s all about the money. Whether it’s a scholarship or a big contract, we seem to have lost sight of what the true value of athletic competition really is.

But… I think we’re going to find out this fall! I hope not. But I think we need to get ready for the “new normal!”

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