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Posted by admin March - 24 - 2014 - Monday

I’ve just spent 2 days with the production people at here in W. Palm Beach Florida… tough gig! It was 86 degrees here yesterday!!! Now I know why folks head to FL for the winter!!! Niiiiiice!
Rex Lardner, Managing Editor of AFM and Gridiron Strategies magazines, and his staff did a fabulous job getting everything on tape that I wanted to do. Verrrrrrrrry professional operation.

We are going to run a LOT of Malzahn’s Auburn Wing T attack this fall. I watched a lot of game video from YouTube (people post the ESPN and CBS games on there with impunity!) and…. those of you who are coaches and like to watch college game video, check out website. Alex has come up with a great idea!

Sooooo… in preparing to present what we’re going to do out of the Malzahn Wing T, I wrote up an article to present to my staff and players. I submitted it to Rex at Gridiron Strategies since I’m on the Board there and he loved it. He called and said that it’s so good that they wanted to do a 4 dvd set of the offense and put in on to be sold to coaches. He calls it: “Adapting the Up-tempo, Spread Offense to Today’s Wing T.” It should be in their catalog in May or June.

If you guys are Wing T coaches and looking for something to “jazz up” your offense, I think you should check this out. I’ve found some ways to spread out the defense but still emphasize the Wing T running game. I’ll let you know when the dvd’s are released. Till then, my wife and I are going to enjoy this beautiful Florida weather!

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