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Wall “Flowers!”

Posted by admin December - 29 - 2020 - Tuesday

I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday. We did!

A coaching friend posted something on Facebook the other day that realllllllllly struck me! I’ve always been a fan of axioms and slogans. When I find a good one, I make a poster and stick it on the wall. I used to do this a lot in our locker room when I was the HC. Somebody told me that, “Coach J… those posters are kinda like Wall Flowers. They brighten up my day!” Smart kid.

The slogan that this coaching friend posted was unique and creative. Plus, I’d never seen it before. If you are an advocate of promoting positive thinking…. which produces positive attitudes, then you are going to enjoy this one. If you are not a fan, then I want to strongly encourage you to think about becoming one. People ask me all the time: “How did you turn around your program, Coach?” My response? “It started (and ends) with the mind set of the people in our program.” Positive thinking produces positive results. It’s why I like this slogan so much. Check it out:

“If you FAIL, never give up! Why? Because “fail” stands for: “FIRST ATTEMPT AT LEARNING!!!”

The “end” is not the END. It means: “EFFORT NEVER DIES!!!

If you get “no” as an answer, remember that “NO” means: “NEXT OPPORTUNITY”…. to succeed!

Good stuff, huh???!!!

Happpppppppppy New Year!!!

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