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Posted by admin October - 26 - 2010 - Tuesday

Note: after failing in business, Paul Gavin attended an auction of his own company. He was down but he wasn’t out! With his last $750 he bought back the department which later became— Motorola! How’s that for a comeback story?

Whenever we face new challenges like a losing streak, a bad season, a job change or even starting a new relationship, our old programming (our way of thinking and “seeing” things”) kicks in and “tells” us we’re not equal to the task. LOOK OUT!!! Even the Bible is clear about our talking: “Those who are careful about what they say protect their lives… whoever speaks without thinking will be ruined” (Proverbs 13:3 NCV).

The wonderful thing about being the person that God created you to be, is that He pre-prgrammed you to handle new situations— to change and grow. Coaches: don’t build a case against yourself by listening to old voices without or within… or speaking words to yourself that undermine your self-confidence.

I always ask my players: “Who do you talk with and listen to more than any one single person throughout the day?!” The answer? “YOU!” You are that person who talks to you more than anyone else. So, it stands to reason that the messages you are conveying in your own mind are going to have more impact than anyone else’s.

Doing something you’ve never done before usually involves an anxiety-induced learning curve that follows along these lines: “There’s no way I can do this… I suppose I can try… I’m doing it, but not very well… I’m still doing it but I’m scared… I’m doing better… Oops, I made a mistake— guess I can’t do this after all… Maybe I’ll try again… I’m not doing much better this time… I’ll give it one more shot… Hey, I’m doing better… in fact, I’m doing pretty good… I can do this!!!”

Why waste all that time talking yourself out of doing something. Dive in confidently…. plow ahead. Don’t stop till you reach the top. And, please… stop listening to the “Nay-sayer” in your own head!

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