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Posted by admin April - 9 - 2013 - Tuesday

My Defensive Coordinator passed along Pete Carroll’s book Win Forever and I started reading it yesterday. He’s very candid about his lack of a philosophy of coaching early in his career which he directly related to his being fired from both the Jets and Patriots head coaching jobs. That time away before being hired by USC afforded him the opportunity to sit down and “self-reflect.”

Carroll said that it was in re-reading Coach John Wooden’s books that the lightbulb came on in his head. If you have not read Wooden’s books, you need to! Whether you are a coach, businessman or woman or student— Wooden’s wisdom will help you not only be more successful in your worldly pursuits but will wake you up in your soul. Wooden’s Pyramid of Success and the subsequent definition of success that he coined are powerful tools to aid us in our search for success and significance in life. Check it out.

Coach Carroll points out that having a philosophy helped him focus on who he was as a coach. It forced him to prioritize his professional and personal values. I shared with one of my players last night in a text about priorities. He’s an outstanding athlete and an excellent student. But… with springtime in the air (at least here in Tidewater Virginia— pray for our friends in the Rockies! More snow!!!), his thoughts and emotions have turned to “hanging out” with a young lady. I shared with him that girls are great but don’t let a dating relationship throw you off track. I shared with him a statement that was given to me years ago: “The MAIN THING is to keep the Main Thing, the MAIN THING!!!”

But… you’ve got to know what, or who, is the “main thing” in your life before you can keep it the main thing. For me, that “Main Thing” is my relationship with Jesus Christ. When I spend time developing THAT relationship, everything else falls into place. I am getting involved in the ministry of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes again. If you are a Believing coach, you need to get an FCA huddle started at your school. FCA has its “Main Thing” right where it needs to be!

Are YOU keeping your “Main Thing” the main thing in your life? Please feel free to write me and tell me about it!

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