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Posted by admin October - 21 - 2015 - Wednesday

Our Team Moms paid for our players and coaches to go see the new football movie, Woodlawn, last night!!! WOW!!! Reminiscent of the theme of Remember The Titans, this movie explored the racial tension in Alabama in the early ’70’s and how a Fellowship of Christian Athletes leader came into the turmoil and brought about reconciliation and transformation on the team, in the school, and throughout the city of Birmingham, AL. The football footage is very good and the portrayal of former University of Alabama (and NFL stars) Tony Nathan and Jeff Rutledge is well-done.

It brought back memories for this Old Ball Coach and my early days in coaching. I started my coaching career as an assistant coach in 1971. Though our part of Virginia had desegregated in the mid 60’s, there were still the issues involved in two separate groups of people coming together to form a cohesive unit. Our staff did a good job of melding the two and by 1975, we had a formidable team. Not to say that there weren’t problems but… I’ve always felt that the military and sports teams have always “led the way” in bringing people together. Why? Because positions are earned by your performance on the field. Secondly, because teamwork, loyalty and unity are hallmarks of successful teams.

These qualities are still evident today in well-run organizations. When players understand that the best man is going to play and that cooperation, hustle and loyalty are expected— NO… demanded!— kids will respond. It’s the parent who thinks that his participation in the game-field Paint Crew or being president of the Booster’s Club is going to get his son special privileges… he’s the one creating problems.

This is why it is so important, head coaches, to have a detailed “Player/Parent Policy Sheet” (check out my book!) that explains how you’re going to conduct your program. When situations come up (and they will!), you have it written down. If you don’t have a preseason parent meeting now, you need to have one before you start your next season.

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