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“Work SMARTER… not Harder!!!”

Posted by admin June - 13 - 2017 - Tuesday

We hear so much about the Grind. It almost seems like too many coaches feel they need to spend more hours working out, lifting, running… practicing! than their opponents. That it will somehow magically produce a championship next fall. I would like to present an idea that kinda “blows up” that concept of OUT-working the other guy. I got it from a highly successful business manager some years ago and it revolutionized how I ran our football program.

The concept is simply: Learn to work smarter… NOT harder!

This is NOT encouraging anyone to cut corners or slack off. The focus is on finding more effective and more efficient ways to get your work done than maybe you’re doing right now. I wish I could remember the name of the manager or his book— it was THAT long ago. It’s always stuck with me though; and it guided me through 32 years of a highly successful head coaching career. Let me explain with some examples.

Hudl has to go down as one of THE major innovations that has significantly changed the way we “do business” as football coaches. If your school does not have it, you need to get it. How has Hudl helped us to work smarter… not harder?

First thing: Saturday morning meetings with your players and coaches. Why require everyone to come in at 8 am on the morning after a game to sit through what almost always becomes a “chewing out” session with the coaches?? What 16 year old wants to spend his Saturday morning doing that??!!! Plus, the frustration of some important player not showing just compounds things! Why not work smarter… and you, the HC, get up at 6:30 or 7 at your house; throw on the game and go through each clip making telestrater notes and comments?! It took me about 90 minutes to 2 hours to finish up the game. You then send it out to the coaches and players. OH, don’t let the game be posted before you send out the notes. All the players want to do is watch themselves! If you post it early, they’ll watch it Friday night late and never look at it again.

Staff meeting time can be better served watching the game at home too. I’m not even sure that a staff meeting is always necessary anymore! If it’s a problem getting everyone to a central location, how about doing a phone call and BOTH of you watch Hudl together? Go over the clips you need to see. Everyone needs a day to rest during the season. Remember that GRIND thing? Saturday should be a day to get away from the “grind.” If you want a staff meeting, have it late in the afternoon on Sunday.

If you evaluate your schedule, you can find other ways to save time and make things run more efficiently. It takes some study and some imagination but it is worth the effort.

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