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1st Scrimmage

Posted by admin August - 23 - 2011 - Tuesday

We had our first pre-season scrimmage (Virginia allows us 2 before we start the regular season schedule) Friday night. It was my first time coaching my new team where we competed against another team. What I observed made me proud and was very encouraging!

I had told the players earlier in the week when it was hot and they were tired and starting to drag a little that, “I can’t coach effort! That has to come from inside of each of you. We played with tremendous effort Friday night. For that, I am thankful and was sure to compliment them on that when we met Saturday morning. There were plenty of things that we need to correct; but, I was sure to let them know how happy I was with how hard they played.

Coaches- you always need to find something that you can praise your kids for… no matter how badly they played. Start with praise and then explain what you need to do to get better. Kids (people) take correction better when they know that there’s something positive coming with it. The only time I really chew out the kids is when I see a lack of hustle. I tell them, “I CANNOT coach effort! That has to come from you. Anyone can hustle.” Mental mistakes: we teach better and work to correct. There’s no need to fuss at a player for a mental error. It might be poor coaching that’s caused that player to miss an assignment. Be careful of the “I can do no wrong” attitude in a coach. We can improve just like our players.

Finally, if your offense didn’t “click” like you wanted it to, then KEEP WORKING! Don’t bail on an idea just because it doesn’t look like you want it to yet. Keep at it. Demand improved performance. There’s nothing I like better than to practice against a particular defensive front or offensive package and then the opponent comes out on Friday night and lines up in something different! He can’t get his team ready in 3 days to execute a new offense or defense! We’ve got ’em just where we want them! Don’t become a “grab bag” coach. Find a system and stick to it!

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