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2 More “P’s of Success!”

Posted by admin July - 26 - 2016 - Tuesday

I hope a few of you have read my book or at least have followed this blog for awhile! If not, you need to know that my key to successful high school coaching (record as head coach over a 31 year career was 219-83) was: “The 5 P’s of Success!” Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

I’ve been mentoring 4-5 coaches this off-season as they prepare to run their Wing T offense this season. It has been fun to help others and… to see the progress that they’re making. But, as I’ve watched a couple of them go through Summer Team Camps where they’re been live 11 on 11, I’ve seen/heard the frustration that they’ve felt as they state that their offense isn’t clicking on all cylinders at this point like they’d want it to. What I’ve shared with them the last 2 days applies to ALL coaches. I’ve added 2 more “P’s of Success” to my formula!!! They are: PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE.

The Bible says that “patience is a virtue.” I know a lot of high school coaches who need God’s Holy Spirit to pour a lot of patience into their souls! Patience requires self control. It means remaining calm when you expect things to somehow be progressing. (Think: waiting in line at the toll booth or Disney World!!!) Kids learn at different speeds and in different ways. You’ve going to see a LOT of mistakes— especially early on when practice is just beginning. Your ability to continue to “TEACH” instead of becoming frustrated and getting upset will go a long way in building your players’ confidence. I don’t think any of your players want to intentionally mess up! If you don’t know the Fable of the Stonecutter, you need to go back about a year in my Library and find it. It’s the epitome of why patience is soooooo important.

The second P of Success is PERSISTENCE. Winston Churchill’s speech during World War II is one of my favorites and one my players always remark about when I run into them after they’ve graduated. It’s a reminder to: “Never give up and… NEVER give in!” Never give “IN” to what? Welllllll…now we’re back to “Patience!” We don’t give in to our frustrations. We don’t give in to our negative thoughts. We don’t give in to that desire to quit when things aren’t going well. We don’t give in— we stay patient and we continue to work hard. When things seem the bleakest is when a true leader steps up and leads his people through to the other side.

One of my favorite Bible passages is Philippians 3:13-14. It says to: “Forget what is past.” (You can’t do anything about it now!) So, “…straining on toward what is ahead, I PRESS ON toward the goal to win the prize…”

Press on, folks! and… NEVER give up and NEVER give in!!!

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